That time it was about the Teen Author Carnival…

Wow! Our first blog post! Reporting to you book-lovers here are Ashley and Mariam! We’ve decided to make a blog together to express our love for books.

What better way to start off our ongoing appreciation for books than talking about a book event that we both attended? WELL, GET READY LADIES AND GENTS.

We both went together to the Teen Author Carnival a little later then when it began, and arrived at the time when the second set of panels began! As soon as we walked into Jefferson Market Library we started to giggle like school girls but we also tried to do it quietly since we were in fact at a library (keeping it classy, like we always do). We were confused as to where we should go since we didn’t really see anyone around but after standing cluelessly for about 10 minutes we heard a shuffling of feet and when we turned our heads to see who (or what) it was, it turns out to be all the authors speaking at the next panel which we were waiting for! We saw Alexandra Bracken and Virginia Boecker – commence extreme fangirling. After we kind of got our fangirling reined it, Virginia Boecker and Melissa Gray walked up to us since Virginia recognized me (Mariam) from Twitter which brought on a new level of squealing and intense fangirling. We spoke until the panel begun which was an awesome thing of Melissa & Virginia to do!

(From left to right in the picture below): Melissa Gray, Virginia Boecker, Alex London, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard. The panel discussed The Road Less Traveled. All the authors had really cool things to say about the editing process and both Alex London and Jennifer L. Armentrout threw some hilarious jokes out there!

image (2)
After the short Q&A session, it was time to meet the authors and get books signed! First (Ashley) saw Alex and then I (Mariam) did and we got our books signed and got pictures with the gorgeous Alexandra Bracken who wrote The Darkest Minds, we might have both freaked out after meeting Alex but I mean who wouldn’t??? Then, I (Mariam) went to see Virginia Boecker who wrote The Witch Hunter, which both Ashley and I LOVE because was absolutely fantastic! After that we both kind of were freaking out and decided we had to go meet a bunch of other authors! We both got White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout & Proxy by Alex London signed to both of us since we’re book buddies and we share books! Hence the creation of ~le blog.~ We then also got to meet Marieke Nijkamp who is the author of This Is Where It Ends but she didn’t have books to sign because the novel doesn’t release until January 2016, BUT she had really cute post cards to sign, which was really nice! We also were able to take pictures with her as well.Then I (Mariam) went to go meet Katie McGarry to get my copy of Pushing The Limits signed! I (Ashley) then went to see Leila Sales and get my copy of This Song Will Save Your Life signed! In the following pictures, Mariam is wearing the striped shirt, and Ashley is wearing the plaid shirt! (TMI but we might have both been shaking during the entire picture taking process.)

Image-1Image-1 (1)

After meeting all of the authors we wanted to see, we decided to head back home! Going to the Teen Author Carnival was an AMAZING experience and one that we will both treasure. We both recommend all the books mentioned above and would love to hear YOUR thoughts on the authors we met and their books!


3 thoughts on “That time it was about the Teen Author Carnival…

  1. lucia says:

    First I must say I’m jealous. Next I must say that unfortunately I have not read any of the books that you have suggested. But I will add them to my never ending reading list.

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