Reaper Unleashed by Michelle Woods Review!

Reaper Unleashed by Michelle Woods

Pages:  246

Format: eBook

My Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Reaper Colson has run the Blue Bird Strip Club for the Blue Bandits MC for ten years. He’s seen all types of people in and out of his club, but when Sarah Banner walks in he can’t seem to find either his balls or his manners. Because she’s tying him up in knots and pissing him off to the point when he’d usually say screw it and walk away. Only she’s under his skin and walking away might not be an option for him anymore.

Sarah Banner is desperate. She and her son are going to be living in her car if she doesn’t find work. Walking into the Blue Bird was the hardest thing she’d ever done, but for her son Josh she’d do anything. Only the owner wasn’t what she expected and giving up cardigans for leather skirts is going to be hard. Unleashing Reaper is going to be even harder.

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I HAVE AN ADDICTION TO ANYTHING MC…I don’t need help, I’m perfectly fine with that haha!

Im going to start out with the one thing I did not like and that would be that its set in the future, 2075 to be exact. (This is not a spoiler!) At first it was just odd because I kept thinking futuristic thoughts but honestly nothing about the setting seemed futuristic. Thats why I did not like it, I figured if you were going to go with it being set in the future then you would get more of an explanation on how things are different. Everything seemed the same as the present with the only two things being different were the currency and there was some medical advancement but its not explained much. Besides that I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the characters!

In the beginning Sarah is in a tough situation where her and Josh (her son) are about to be living in her car because she has no funds and no place to stay. This problem results in Sarah going into the Blue Bird Strip Club looking for a job as a waitress, thats when she meets the oh-so fabulous Reaper -swoon- he’s so badass.

Reapers name explains how he is but he is also very sweet when it comes to Sarah and Josh. I loved him from the beginning and how he took care of them both and everyone who was like family to him.

Sarah was shy in the beginning but then completely surprises me when she becomes my favorite heroin. She is BADASS, like hardcore as hell. The way she commanders what she wants is amazing. Sarah is the female Reaper for sure, she makes him look like a pansy.

There isn’t much to say about Josh. He was a sweet kid and loved his apple sauce.

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in the MC besides the mole! He got what he deserved. The writing was great and I found it to not be rushed at all.

Have you read this? Let me know your thoughts! What are YOU reading at the moment? Any recommendations?


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