Author of Kissing in America – Margo Rabb Interview!

KIAIf you haven’t read my review of Kissing in America, you can check it out here!

More about Margo Rabb: Margo Rabb is the author of the novels Kissing in America and Cures for Heartbreak. Her essays, journalism, book reviews, and short stories have been published in The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, Marie Claire, The Rumpus, Zoetrope: All-Story, Seventeen,Best New American Voices, New Stories from the South, One Story, and elsewhere, and have been broadcast on NPR. She received the grand prize in the Zoetrope short story contest, first prize in the Atlantic fiction contest, first prize in the American Fiction contest, and a PEN Syndicated Fiction Project Award. Margo grew up in Queens, New York, and has lived in Texas, Arizona, and the Midwest; she now lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and children.

The fantastic Margo agreed to answer a few questions so without further ado, here are her answers to my questions!

  1. Was it hard, emotionally, to write Kissing in America? Did it ever become emotionally draining at any point? For me, as a reader, I had to put the book down a few times because of the intensity of a few scenes.

    Yes, it was difficult to write those sections.  Eva’s grief over her father is based on my own grief over both my parents–my mom died almost 25 years ago, and my dad died almost 20 years ago. It’s hard to write about, but it’s also satisfying to articulate those feelings and to make sense of them.

2. Did the title of the novel come easily to you or did it take a while to reach that perfect title?

I had a few other titles that I was considering for a while, but in the end, I really liked the image of the iconic kiss from V-J day that’s mentioned in the book, and what that metaphor says about fantasies and reality and love.

3. Do you have a dream cast?

I’d love to see Meryl Streep as the mom and Frances McDormand as Aunt Janet.

4. If you could co-write a book with one other author, living or deceased, who would it be?

My favorite author is Alice Munro, but I have a feeling she might not be quite up for co-writing a book with anyone!

5.Is there something unique that you do during your writing process (brainstorming, writing, editing, etc.) that you haven’t seen any other authors do?

I eat a lot of chocolate. I’m not sure if other authors do that!

6. Are you working on any other writing projects are the moment?

Yes, I’m at work on a new novel, which I’m very excited about! I’m at the phase where I haven’t shared it with anyone yet. I’m enjoying this new narrator, and the whole process. I’ll tell you this much: this one has a cat in it.

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