Passenger/Truthwitch Book Launch Recap!

Hey there everyone! So as you may  know, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and Truthwitch by Susan Denard released last week and yesterday night was their book launch event at Books of Wonder in NYC! So my co-blogger and I decided that it was a must-go event so we planned an entire day in the city!

First we got into the city in the afternoon and went to BoW to get our tickets (it was a ticketed event, for purposes of the signing later that night) and we obviously flailed about seeing Passenger and Truthwitch in the wild. Then we decided to go to The Strand (which is another amazing bookstore, if you didn’t already know). While we were there we looked around and got a few things for ourselves and then we had a quick lunch and went back to BoW for the event at around 5. By that time it was PACKED. All the chairs had been taken (they must’ve been around 40 chairs or so) so by the time it was 6 the store was filled (which I’m not complaining about because it was an amazing turn out).

Then at 6 p.m. the event began and Erin Bowman (Author of the Taken series and Vengeance Road) was the moderator and asked them questions about their novels and how they came to be, along with what their inspirations were and things along those lines. After that it was time for questions from the audience and some people had really awesome questions! (Ex: What Hogwarts houses would you sort your characters into? If you had the help from any other character from any media, who would it be and why? Etc.)

After the awesome Q&A session, it was time for the signing! The event was so packed and there were at least 90 people there to get their books signed, BUT it was still awesome because a bunch of us bloggers got to talk and just catch up with each other! Then, Ashley and I got on line for our turn to get our books signed about I (Mariam) met Susan, Erin and Alex, while Ashley met Alex and Susan. Ashley and I both got Passenger signed for ourselves. I got a signed Truthwitch for a giveaway winner and Ashley got Truthwitch personalized for herself. And we also got a few other books signed (Ex: Taken, TDM ARC, Passenger BEA ARC, etc.) All the authors were absolute sweethearts and so thankful for all the readers at the event and they were just amazing AND LOVELY. I wish we all had more time with them because they are clearly amazing people with awesome books (duh).

So after a very long day of walking around NYC, talking with blogger friends and meeting our favorite author, we headed home and promptly knocked out because *woo* talk about exhausting!

Check out these pictures of the event and our The Strand hauls! 🙂

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I’ve split up the pictures in separate slideshows. In order from top to bottom: pictures during the panel and the blogger picture, Ashley meeting Alex and her haul, and finally Mariam meeting Alex, Erin and Susan along with the haul!

Also, shout out to the amazing bloggers I met yesterday! Love you girls! (Kelly, Brittany, Raisa, Alexandra, and Heather)


7 thoughts on “Passenger/Truthwitch Book Launch Recap!

  1. dawnabron says:

    Sounds like fun. They came to Chicago but the bookstore is too far from my house but it looked like a blast. I love it when a lot of people come out to support authors.

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