Fantastic Teen Reads Book Event Recap!

Hey everyone! So the other day (on 5/25/16) Books of Wonder hosted a Fantastic Teen Reads Panel featuring the authors Renee Ahdieh, Marie Rutkoski, Roshani Chokshi and Sarah McCarry. Honestly, this event was GREAT. All four authors had such a tangible adorable-ness and cohesiveness. It was just really refreshing to see so many authors in front of me being so funny, humble and just gosh darn fantastic (as the title of the event hints at).

So basically, I’ll walk y’all throughout the day of the event! I had work in the morning (and the event started at 6 pm) but I was trying to get to BoW early so I can get a ticket for the signing (since it was a ticketed signing). We ended up arriving at Books of Wonder at 3:15 ish pm. We got our tickets (#18 & #19) and those numbers made us happy because last event (PassTruth event) we were in the #30’s. Which isn’t too bad…but still!

Anyways, after we got our tickets, we decided to have a quick lunch and just chill for a bit before they started setting up the chairs for the event at 5 pm! When they did, everyone claimed those seats in AT LEAST 15 minutes. Before we knew it, the entire area for the event was filled up with readers! (Which is always a delight to see!) Also, before the event started I met Emma from Emmabooks (a booktuber) which was such a delight because she is a SWEETHEART. We just talked about a bunch of things for 10 minutes or so before taking pictures with her and then sitting back down again. Along with Emma, I met Brittany, Raisa, and Alexandra again which was amazing because they’re the actual BEST and I love them all very much.


Soon the event began and we went straight into a Q&A from the audience! Honestly, so many great questions were asked like, “As you were writing, was what something that surprised you”, “How did you start your story”, “What research did you do?”, “How long did it take you to write your first book?”, “When it came to the myths you used for your stories, how did you figure out what to use and what to discard?”. At one point, I asked “What’s one thing you learned from becoming a published author?” All the authors shared their own stories, and like I said before, their chemistry was so evident and I LOVED IT. They all supported each other and it was just really really great to see.


We found out Roshani likes power, writing a page about a girl putting on eyeliner and food. Renee also kind of almost burned her kitchen down to be able to write food authentically and she cried while writing a scene in The Rose and the Dagger. Marie started out with the Winner’s Curse trilogy with just the title and thought that the first book in the trilogy could’ve been a stand alone, but concluded that readers wouldn’t be satisfied with that so she continued it as a trilogy! And Sarah went to space camp as research for her book and wants to go to the South Pole as research for another book of hers! How cool!


Not only were all the authors cheerful and adorable, but they offered great advice. Renee said that one thing she learned from being published is that she learned how to let go of her stories and characters, no matter how much she loved them. Roshani said that being published taught her to have thick skin, because lets be real…Goodreads reviews and bloggers can be mean sometimes. AND THEN, a BoW staff member ended the Q&A session by asking the authors what books they recommend to the audience! After that, everyone got set up for the signing with the authors, which was a great success and turn-out.

The first author I met was Marie, then I met Roshani then Renee! All authors were the sweetest and I honestly just love them all. I also hugged Renee like 5 times because she’s a doll and I love her SO MUCH. And not only because she writes spectacular stories, but also is fabulous in a thousand and one ways. (HAHAHA GET THE PUN????? Okay sorry, I’ll stop.) Overall, it was such a great event! If any of y’all have the chance of meeting these authors at any time, I highly recommend it!


6 thoughts on “Fantastic Teen Reads Book Event Recap!

  1. carlisajc says:

    Ah that looks so wonderful! Maybe someday I’ll be able to get out to NYC and go to an event like this and meet you and everyone. I’m glad you had such a great time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aila @ One Way Or An Author says:

    What an amazing event with the awesomest authors ever! It really seems like you had fun and the pictures are superb!

    And omg at Renee crying while writing TRATD… THAT WAS ME WHILE READING :’DD

    I’m also glad that Marie kept The Winner’s Curse a trilogy because that last book was all the perfection. ❤


  3. Bayram @ Never Ending Books says:

    Such an amazing event! I was going to come to this but something came up last minute, I’m glad you had a great time!


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