Top Five Reasons We Love Reading!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish…AND…

This week’s topic is: Top Five Reasons We Love Reading!

  1.  Readers get to escape into a fictional world that can give them solace and all the feels. Whether they’re painful or joyful feelings is due to the book. But the fact that a book can make us FEEL things is amazing. God bless all those authors out there.
  2. The book community is one of the best. We are all so supportive of one another and I love it.
  3. It’s a GREAT hobby. What’s the best way to pass time you ask? Read!
  4. You can learn from the books you read. Reading good books can not only broaden your vocabulary and awesome things like that…but it also helps you become a better writer when you read great books!
  5. Books introduce you to so much more than just fictional worlds and the book community. Language is a basic human necessity. Might as well ace it by reading great literature, right?

What are some reasons you love reading?


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