Top Ten OTP’s I Wish Sailed, but Didn’t!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish…AND…

This week’s topic is: Top Ten OTP’s I Wish Sailed, but Didn’t!

  1. Harry & Hermione (Harry Potter) – I always shipped them. From the beginning. OKAY?
  2. Adrian and Rose (Vampire Academy) – I shipped THEM SO HARD. But I definitely understand why they didn’t work out.
  3. Joana and Florian (Salt to the Sea) – My heart. This hurts to even think about.
  4. Layla and Zayne (White Hot Kiss) – The stars were not aligned in their favor. Sad times.
  5. Celaena and Dorian (Throne of Glass) – I’ve only read books 1 and 2 and I loved them so much. Whatever. Dorian deserved better anyway.
  6. Luka and Yael (Wolf by Wolf) – Sigh. I wish. I just wish this happened.
  7. Elias and Helene (An Ember in the Ashes) – I don’t remember TOO much of this book, but I remember shipping these two and not liking Laia much so…
  8. Fang and Max (Maximum Ride) – From what I can recall, they didn’t actually get together? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember all that. But I looooved these two together ugh.
  9. Khalid and Me (The Wrath and the Dawn) – Come on y’all. This just needs to happen. It hurts that it hasn’t. Khalid is a babe.
  10. Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter) – Honestly, I just thought they were really cute and needed to happen. Realllly wish it could’ve.


Alas, there are all the OTP’s I wish happened and sailed but they did not. Unfortunately. Do you guys agree on any of these? Let me know in the comments! 🙂









































14 thoughts on “Top Ten OTP’s I Wish Sailed, but Didn’t!

  1. Rissi says:

    I wish more of my “ships” actually began and *didn’t* end by the writer’s royally messing them up. Either that, or leave them as best friends and don’t add romance to the mix. Fun list! 🙂


  2. Eve L (Evilous) says:

    Great list! I so had been hoping for Harry and Hermione for so long in the story before it became apparent it wouldn’t happen. I never shipped Dorian and Celaena, I like her with Chaol but I did like Dorian just not as much which is the same for Elias and Helene I could see it had he not me Laia. But Rose and Adrian…nope I was die hard Dimitri girl. I love Adrian for sure but they just didn’t work for me as well. My Top Ten


    • flyingthroughfiction says:

      Yay for the Harry/Hermione ship! Always loved their chemistry.

      I feel like the guys in Maas’s books are very polarizing. Either you love or hate them. I guess I just loved Dorian haha.

      I liked Dimitri! It took a while but I understand why VA ended the way it did. I respected him by the end!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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