Penguin Teen Tour @ Books of Wonder – RECAP!

Hello there, everyone!

You may or may not have seen that on Twitter four LOVELY ladies are going on a tour together to a bunch of awesome cities!


Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands / Traitor to the Throne), Natalie C. Anderson (City of Saints and Thieves), Lesley Livingston (The Valiant) and Renee Ahdieh (The Wrath and the Dawn / The Rose and the Dagger) started out this amazing tour at Books of Wonder in New York City on 3/8/17. The city is about 20 minutes from me, so whenever I’m interested in going to an event there, it’s super convenient! Also, Ahdieh is one of my absolute favorite authors so I mean, I had to go. I met up with Brittany from Brittany’s Book Rambles & Raisa from Wonderland Novels! I got into the city at 3 in the afternoon to purchase my copy of the books for the event later that night since it’s a ticketed signing! I got the new paperback copy of The Wrath and the Dawn & The Rebel of the Sands. Trust me when I say this, but the books are beautiful. Like, I can seriously stare at them all day..I mean..duh…

Anyways! After my books I just decided to lounge around at Books of Wonder and try to get some reading done while waiting for the event to start at 6 p.m. Finally, the chairs were put down for the event at around 5 and at that point we all just waited for the lovely authors to arrive! It started out as normal, some basic questions of introducing your book, why you chose to write/publish your book at this specific time, etc.


Some fun questions included: Do you think all your female MC’s would be able to get together? What house do your MC’s belong in? (There were multiple Gryffindor’s, just so you know.) How do you think your MC’s would react to the politics in this day and age? How long did it take you to write your book? And a few more!

Every single author there was AWESOME and these ladies have the best chemistry with each other and I love them and want to read all their books yesterday. Like, why have I not devoured all their words yet??? This shall be remedied soon.


After the Q&A session it was time for the actual signing! I got ticket #10 so I was part of the first group to line up. I saw Renee first (the sweetheart she is) and had her sign a few books! Now my collection is complete & personalized! All I’m missing is a few foreign editions of The Wrath and the Dawn! After Renee, I talked with Natalie and gosh. She is SO CUTE. And I know how important her book is and I can’t wait to read it. She used to work with refugees in Africa and gosh you can tell she’s so genuine and sweet and adorable like wow. IT ALSO GOT OPTIONED FOR FILM LIKE OH MY GOSH???? YESSS. Then I met Lesley Livingston and oh my gosh you guys. Can I just. Her humor???? IS THE BEST THING EVER??? Like, I wouldn’t mind just hanging out with her 25/8. She’s that cool. Anyways, I talked to her about the Roman Empire: Reign of Blood special on Netflix ft. Julius Caeser & the Boudicca Queen! She’s super cool y’all. THEN I got to meet Alwyn who is also a sweetheart! She was so so nice and I really can’t wait to read her book but putting it off because I WANT THE ENTIRE TRILOGY NOOOOW. And she said she doesn’t believe in cliff hangers for first books, but YESSS FOR SECOND BOOKS. Which hurt my soul so we’ll see if I can endure it after picking up her books!

As you can obviously tell…these women are FABULOUS. If they are visiting your area, PLEAAAASE GO SEE THEM! They are amazing!!!!

With that being said, enjoy pictures of the books/swag I got & pictures w/ me & the authors!

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